The Best Big Cat Documentaries

Big cats have been the subject of a huge amount of documentary films over the years. They are without a doubt one of the most popular subjects in nature docos. Whether it be programs specifically created about these top of the food chain predators, or unique footage as part of a more broad wildlife documentary; big cats have been heavily researched and featured in nature films for decades, and that is still continuing today.

It’s easy to see why: they are spectacular to look at, fascinating in their habits, powerful, mysterious and well.. how can you not be fascinated by them?

Leopard sitting in a tree in Africa

Whilst big cats often feature in films that aren’t specifically about them (eg Planet Earth etc), this list contains films that are specifically about lions, leopards, tigers, jaguars and other big cats.

Our guide to the very best big cat documentaries is updated regularly. We also strive to find lesser known documentary films on big cats so you don’t miss out on anything.

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African Wildlife Documentaries

African wildlife are the subject of more nature documentaries than any other group of animals in the world. And it’s little wonder – Africa is still home to vast areas of wilderness and some of the most iconic species on the planet.

This list (ever growing) attempts to list every documentary filmed on the subject of African wildlife! Read more “African Wildlife Documentaries”