African Wildlife Documentaries

African wildlife are the subject of more nature documentaries than any other group of animals in the world. And it’s little wonder – Africa is still home to vast areas of wilderness and some of the most iconic species on the planet.

This list (ever growing) attempts to list every documentary filmed on the subject of African wildlife!

Africa: The Serengeti

Africa: Eye To Eye With the Unknown

Disneynature: African Cats

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar


Amazing Places: Africa

Born to Be Wild

The Last Lions

Reflections on Elephants

Relentless Enemies

The Great Rift: Africa’s Greatest Story

Elsa’s Legacy: The Born Free Story

Extraordinary Animals: Africa

Revealing the Leopard

Africa’s Lost Eden

One thought on “African Wildlife Documentaries

  1. Where ever this program is I watch it. I have 8 domestic cats and a very versified pride. The only time I got upset was watching “The Last Lions” The death of the third cub after bei9ng stomped by a wilder beast and broker her back and her mother due to her not being able to walk still gets me very upset. I still have problems with the Brutality of the African Predators is something I’m having a problem with. I watch the show and very envious of the film crews and the narrators 4 very fantastic people that in some ways I am very jealous of. a VERY FANTASTIC 4 SOME!…..THAT HAVE THE MOST KNOWLEDGE OF QUITE A FEW OTHERS THAT DO THE SAME THING! I e-mail John Varty and get e-mail back I would love to be in touch with the 4 of you!!!!!……PLEASE

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