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Disneynature – Monkey Kingdom

Disneynature films might not be everyone’s cup of tea, particularly if you’ve grown up watching and enjoying more traditional documentary styles. But one thing is for sure – Disney provides an excellent way to get the kids involved in watching nature films.

Take a break from fictional animation movies, and let them learn about the wild world of wildlife. In the case of Monkey Kingdom, our primate relatives are the stars.

A familiar name provides one of the voiceovers in Monkey Kingdom, in the form of Tina Fey (yes, she who does an impeccible impersonation of Sarah Palin). She makes this film fun, and at times, funny.

You’ll find yourself laughing at various moments throughout Monkey Kingdom, which is not something that can often be said for a wildlife doco!

There’s a big storyline with Monkey Kingdom, as you would expect from Disney. They make their documentaries to be as immersive and emotive as their movies and Monkey Kingdom is no exception.

With a name given to the lead character, Maya, we follow her as she brings a new son into the world and deals with the trials and tribulations of keeping him safe and helping him thrive; much the same as a human mother.

A great storyline, excellent entertaining narration and stunning photography make Monkey Kingdom a superb film for both adults and children. It certainly won’t disappoint if you like your wildlife films to be entertaining, dramatic and with a great storyline to boot.

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