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IMAX: Flight Of The Butterflies (2016)

This brand new documentary for 2016 focuses on one of the most remarkable animal migrations known to exist on the planet, but one that is under increasing danger of completely disappearing.

The subject of this documentary is the beautiful Monarch Butterfly and one scientist who has dedicated his life to studying where and how these fragile insects migrate thousands of miles every year.

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Hundreds of millions of Monarch Butterflies were filmed in Mexico, where they spend the winter after travelling thousands of miles from the US and Canada on an extraordinary journey.

Prior to this scientist’s fascinating and unique findings, nobody knew where the Monarch Butterflies disappeared to when they left northern America. It was one of nature’s greatest mysteries!

The Monarch Butterfly undertakes the longest known migration on Earth for any insect. Amazingly, year after year the butterflies travel to the exact same trees and mountaintops in central Mexico.

Things To Love About Flight Of The Butterflies

  • The 3D visuals are some of the most spectacular you will ever see
  • The film is both a visual feast and educational resource full of learning and fascinating facts, without being dull or dry
  • Butterfly enthusiasts will gain considerable knowledge – especially those wanting to raise Monarchs in a butterfly house at home
  • The film is not just about the butterflies, but about the person and work that goes on tracking and studying them
  • If you know nothing about butterflies before watching the film, you will know much more after it!

IMAX – Volcanoes of the Deep Sea

We can thank Alvin for this film. Without him, Volcanoes of the Deep Sea would not have been possible. Who is Alvin? “He” is a deep-sea mechanized probe that is capable of descending up to 12,000 feet under the ocean.

Here, for this documentary, Alvin explores and brings back images of the astounding highly active volcanic mid-Atlantic ridge. Deep ocean vents where prolific, unique sea life thrives.

IMAX - Volcanoes of the Deep Sea dvd

As with many IMAX films, I wished this one was longer. The 40 minutes flies by, but it’s definitely something you can watch over again. The extras also make up for any perceived “thinness” of content on the DVD – there’s plenty of other visuals to enjoy besides the main feature and you do get your money’s worth.

It’s hard to describe a film like this in words, because the visual’s are so stunning they are almost beyond description. Indeed, many of the things seen in this doco are not seen anywhere else in the world. This area of the ocean is of great interest in the science world, as it contains what could possibly resemble some of the most ancient organisms on Earth.

IMAX - Volcanoes of the Deep Sea blu-ray
Bluray version

Director: Stephen Low
Writers: Alex Low, Stephen Low
Narrators: Ed Harris and Richard Lutz
Producers: Alex Low, Dougal Caron, James Cameron, Lilly Antonecchia, Pietro L. Serapiglia
Run Time: 40 minutes

Awesome 5.1 sound brings the documentary to life around you. And a few of the extras are worth mentioning. One is the excellent behind the scenes short feature.

You really come to appreciate the effort they’ve gone to to bring the images to the big screen (easy to forget when you’re watching it!). It’s a huge project for a 40 minute film but well worth it. Then there is a near half hour documentary called Voyage Into The Abyss that goes into more detail of the science behind this fascinating part of the ocean. So all in all, you should get a good 90 minutes of viewing, at least, out of this DVD including the main film and these 2 extra features alone.

Watch the official trailer:

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